Kaiserlicher Automobilclub (KAC)

Logo KAC mit Schriftzug


In 1899, the German Automobile Club (DAC) was founded in Berlin. The club became immediately well known because of the support by Prince Henry of Prussia. Already in 1904 this young club had his greatest performance test by organizing the V. Gordon Bennett race around a castle in the Taunus region, close to Frankfurt. The opportunity to coordinate a challenging race like this, made the DAC internationally well known and he received great reputation all over the world.


1904 and 1905 were significant years. After the race on June 20th 1904, the DAC organized a meeting with the representatives of the international automotive clubs to discuss about a possible merger. The International Automobile Federation, now the FIA has been founded soon as a result from this meeting. The DAC is one of those founding members.

On Christmas Eve 1905 a groundbreaking era began for the DAC: Kaiser Wilhelm II took over the protectorate of the club under the reference “to the highest meanings of Cabinet Order”. Since then the club enjoyed the unique privilege to call himself “Emperors Club” (Kaiserlicher Automobilclub, KAC in German). Also in 1905, the club took over the former Palais Bleichröder on Leipziger Platz in Berlin. For many years the Palais has been a representative and social center for the German automotive industry and the KAC /AVD. With significant motivation by the KAC, a first agreement to create an automobile liability law was introduced. The KAC was very active in matters of transport infrastructure and traffic and safety control. From 1906 onwards the club eagerly participated in the development of the first traffic regulations. As a part of the association, the KAC also worked on social and tourism issues. Its tasks included matters of road improvement, technology, security, protection of excessively stressed drivers and the motor-tourism.

Until World War I the KAC had a very active part in motor sports and became famous for his automotive competitions, like the “Emperor’s Prize Race” and the “Prince Henry Rallies”.

The AvD (Automobilclub von Deutschland)

The First World War has cut off the development of the club abruptly. At an extraordinary general meeting on 7 December 1918, the KAC changed his name into Automobile Club of Germany, AVD, which is maintained until today.

The new KAC

In 2012 the new KAC has been founded to continue with these decent traditions.The appreciation of automotive cultural assets and the history of excellent engineering are just as much important as the appreciation of today’s innovations.