Steve Millstein


Steve is responsible for directing and managing the Aeris automotive practice. He started in the connected vehicle industry in 1996, when he led ATX Group until its acquisition by Cross Country Automotive Services in 2008.

Prior to that, he led the home security operations of Westar where he grew the organization from concept to the nation’s third largest home security company with over 3000 employees in 50 branches throughout the US.

Steve has also held numerous positions at Southwestern Bell and AT&T, including Vice President of their wireless subsidiary.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree in political science from the University of Kansas and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Washburn University.


„It is generally accepted that the inventor, Karl Benz, developed the modern automobile and that some twenty years later industrialist Henry Ford created a process to make the car affordable to the people. The German American Automobile Club builds upon the passion that these two men had for the automobile. That passion knows no geographic boundaries, that passion is something that Germans and Americans still share today and that passion is what the GAAC is all about. I am pleased to be a part of this organization.”