Jack Kahan


Jack is the third generation descendant of a family with a long automobile business history. It started in 1924, when his family migrated from Europe to Mexico, where they opened a little car shop. The “Casa Kahan” has since evolved into the Grupo Kahan of today.

Grupo Kahan was one of the first automobile dealers in Latin America and later did not only represent car manufacturers in Mexico, but also in the US.

Jack is the CEO of Kahan Grupo, which also invests in different projects in Mexico and the USA.

 “I want to invest my time in continuing to develop a network of friendships and services that can help the automobile world communicate and innovate better. We have to keep the spirit alive, with which visionary entrepreneurs built an industry – based on trust and faith in turning the wheel”

Jack describes himself as a “Gasoline Man”. He is racing cars, collecting antique automobiles and riding motorcycles.


“My father always said, that it is hard to get the gasoline out of your veins”